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for every property

everything under one roof

Amtech Communications aims to provide every amenity need under one roof for communities of all types and sizes.


Amtech established SAFFIRE Internet in 2011, providing service to over 200 properties across the East Coast. SAFFIRE’s fiber-optic infrastructure is custom-built for every property and business to support WAN/LAN networks.



Amtech offers a full range of DIRECTV Systems serving businesses, lodging and institutions, hospitality, and multi-dwelling properties. DIRECTV is #1 in picture quality, sports coverage, and customer satisfaction nationwide.


Amtech provides high-end Audio/Visual Experience systems customized to exactly what your property or business needs.


Amtech is highly experienced in Low-Voltage infrastructure design and installation.
Class A Contractor License #2705146990



Amtech is licensed to provide everything from access control, intrusion prevention systems, and remote monitoring using state-of-the-art equipment.
DCJS #11-8139

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Fire Systems

Amtech provides fire system design and installation, fire inspections, and 24/7 fire-monitoring.

Elevator Monitoring

Amtech provides dependable 24/7 elevator monitoring services.

call center

Amtech provides 24/7 Customer Service through our in-house and off-site Call Centers and nationwide technician fleet.

We've taken a huge step forward to nationwide expansion - Looking forward to what the road ahead holds for us as we join forces with GigaMonster!

About Us

Amtech Communications was established in 1996.
Amtech is an all-inclusive solutions provider.

Since 1996, Amtech Communications has been on the forefront of the telecommunications industry in the Mid-Atlantic region. With service to hundreds of properties, Amtech is nationally ranked by DIRECTV as one of the Top 10 System Operators in the United States.

Amtech Communications offers large-scale residential amenity solutions including centralized DIRECTV Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Systems, Saffire Fiber-optic Internet Service, Voice over IP (VOIP) phone service, apartment security systems, and operation of a 24/7 customer service call center.

Amtech Communications has served on the DIRECTV MDU National Advisory Council since 2012 providing feedback and ideas that facilitate improvements and growth within the MDU industry.

With our experienced staff, technical advancements, and dedication to this industry, Amtech is well-positioned for future accelerated growth.

  • Amtech has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

  • Amtech is nationally ranked in the Top 10 out of over 300 DIRECTV System Operators in the United States.

  • Amtech has coverage in 41 different states with plans for expansion in the future.

  • Amtech maintains a 24/7 Customer Support Center. We're available 100% of the time to help our clients because our success relies on our clients' satisfaction.

Amtech Saffire is proud to work with equipment
from Mimosa Networks, Inc.

Please allow 24-48 business hours for a team member to contact you.